Discover How to Break Free from Anxiety's Chains and Reclaim Your Joy!

Imagine a life where anxiety no longer holds you back, where you have the tools to face any challenge with a sense of ease.

This eye-opening training is your ticket to breaking free from anxiety's grasp and stepping into a world of boundless joy.

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Here’s What You Will Learn In

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Discover the 3 Transformative Secrets to Triumph Over Anxiety


Retraining Your Brain

Uncover the myth that's been holding you back: that you can't change. We'll show you how to rewire your brain for positivity and resilience, even if you've felt stuck for years. Get ready to regain control and rediscover your potential.


Logic and Love

Learn the powerful techniques to boost your self-esteem and self-love, freeing you from the constant need for approval from others.

Say goodbye to self-doubt and hello to unshakable confidence.


Body and Mind Connection

Discover the symbiotic relationship between thoughts and bodily responses. Reject the notion of sluggish, and expensive change. My proven secrets have rewritten stories, and we're ready to impart them to you.

Ready to Radiate Positivity and Thrive Beyond Anxiety's Constraints?

Here’s What You Will Learn In

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“Now the one with the control”

I’ve suffered badly with Anxiety for a long time, however you just know you need help. I got it from Katy. Her Hypnotherapy has given me the tools to keep positive, affirming that I’m in control. Who knew after a few weeks I would feel so different.

I no longer dread the start of a new day, I’m now the one with the control, and while there may be wobbles ahead, I have the tools to use to keep my control. I thank you Katy.

- Lorna Anderson

“Take on anything life throws at me”

I have just finished the anxiety programme with Katy this morning. This is a brilliant programme and it’s hard to actually put into words what she has done for me.

Previously I felt so down and so upset about even the smallest things but now I feel so positive and ready to take on anything life throws at me. She has honestly changed my life and I can’t thank her enough.

- Amanda Delaney

“I am happier person to be around”

Katy's services have helped me personally to navigate issues that I had which mainly related to anxiety.

I was tentative that hypno could help me as I assumed it was the silly stuff you see on TV but I was bowled over by how much it has changed my life as I can implement techniques Katy taught me. My family has also benefited as I am a happier person to be around. Life Changing! If you are thinking about it - DO IT - you wont regret it.

- Georgina Myers


Katy Stevenson

Katy's path from anxiety to empowerment led her to become a dedicated coach, ready to help you break free from the grips of anxiety.

With a Distinction in Advanced Clinical & Analytical Hypnotherapy, Katy's expertise spans powerful techniques like Kinetic Shift, OldPain2Go, and EMDR. She equips you with psycho-education and subconscious tools, providing a holistic approach for lasting change.

Katy's heart-centered care creates a safe space for you to conquer your deepest fears. With her by your side, you'll embrace a life of calm, confidence, and self-esteem.

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Discover How to Break Free from Anxiety's Chains and Reclaim Your Joy!

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